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I have a wordpress blog inside the company where I write blogs. I want the people inside the organization to comment on the blogs. I was able to grok through the authentication inside the company and get the person's username. I want to auto register a user if he/she doesn't already exist in the system based on their username. Can someone point me to a resource on how to get this done? I know that wordpress has hooks to different functions. Can I just call a function with a person's username and auto register/login the person as a subscriber?

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How do people authenticate within your company? There might be plugins which do what you are looking for. E.q. for LDAP authentication:


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Its CAS and I did try the CAS authentication and wpcas plugins. Both don't work out of the box with Wordpress 3. The wpcas plugin worked but the provisioning part didn't. That's the reason I have to do the provisioning manually. –  Ritesh M Nayak Aug 18 '10 at 13:28
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Was able to hack wp-cas plugin and provision accounts for people who signed in and came. Good stuff.

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