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can you tell me how do i deploy my project on qt designer. i am using windows and also how do i convert the .py files to standard .exe

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Converting ".py" to ".exe" would be like converting Java to ".exe" without using GCJ. Since the language doesn't compile to native code, you're just bundling the interpreter and a packed set of .py files together using the same mechanism self-extracting .zip files use.

The main tools I know of for doing this on Windows are:

Here are some docs on how to work around the common sticking-points with PyQt:

Assuming you're doing this to simplify distribution, you'll probably also want to build an installer to bundle in any DLL dependencies. The two popular free choices for Windows are:

Py2Exe comes with an example of how to use a silent InnoSetup installer to build a fake single-file EXE by silently extracting the program and DLLs to a temp folder and running them. There's an example for NSIS on the site.

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Try pyinstaller

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