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I've been digging through Stack Overflow as well as a number of Google searches, and I cannot find a satisfactory code formatter for Javascript.

I have found several related tools, such as syntax highlighters and pretty-printers, but I am looking for a tool that I can ideally create a wrapper for in Eclipse and simply run from the menu bar. Hence, if any Java-based ones are available, that is a big plus. Free and/or open-source is preferred as well.

I am looking for something that my development group can use to maintain a consistent code style.


[EDIT] Thank you for the incredibly fast responses! I would upvote you both if I had any karma. But especially kRON for linking to the format customizations page.

[EDIT] Related question on Stack Overflow.

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In one breath: Aptana Studio! Yes, it's Java based and free (Eclipse, as standalone or plugin).

You can also customize the formatting.

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The link above results in 404 -- this looks like the current page aptana.com/products/studio3.html – Jeff Jun 3 '15 at 15:15
Thanks @Jeff, I've updated the link accordingly. – Filip Dupanović Jun 3 '15 at 20:08

This is by far the best I've come across: http://jsbeautifier.org/

Available as an online tool, or on the command-line using node.js or python. The source code is available.

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fast and quick solution. thanks. – ray pixar Jul 26 '15 at 13:41

If you already use Eclipse, I recommend you to try Aptana, you can install it as an Eclipse Plugin.

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If you also need Java programming i can recommend 'IntelliJ IDEA'

It offers excellent JavaScript formatting and refactoring out of the box.

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Have you tried jsfiddler. It's great for trying things out with Javascript. Built in JSLint & something called Tidy. Not sure whether that infers jstidy Piotr Zalewa is the guy who wrote it. May be worth giving him a Tweet @zalun to confirm.

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If you need source code, you might check out the code I present in the article A JavaScript Formatter.

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If you are using notepad++, you can try jsminnpp plugin

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