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I have the following enum that represent a state of UI (I use it to enable and disable UI elements):

enum Mode 

I would like to pass Mode.EDIT to command in CommandParam:

  <Button Grid.Column="6" VerticalAlignment="Top Command="{Binding Path=ChangeMode}" 
CommandParameter="{StaticResource local:Mode.RUN}" />

But I have no idea how to declare it. As you see in the button declaration, I try to use StaticResource but it fails. I am quite new to SL4 and C# so I suppose that I missed something.

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2 Answers

Not sure about SL but in WPF we can do something like this -

<Button Grid.Column="6" Command="{Binding Path=ChangeMode}"
CommandParameter="{x:Static local:Mode.RUN}" />

check this question for more details - Passing an enum value as command parameter from xaml

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I have found a solution. I have created in my MyViewModel (my DataContext) 3 public attributes (of type Mode) and initialize them in the constructor (with values EDIT, RUN, REVIEW). Next, I have bound them in XAML as a normal property of a DataContext: CommandParameter="{Binding Path=EDIT}.

class MyViewModel

  public Mode EDIT {set; get;}
  public Mode RUN {set; get;}
  public Mode REVIEW {set; get;}

   EDIT = Mode.EDIT;
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