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Complete LaTeX and LyX newbie here.

I am currently writing a document in LyX and I'm using hyperref to have links in the ToC, citations etc. The problem is that I added a figure (with float) and when I make a cross-reference in the text, the reference itself becomes a link that leads to the page that contains the actual figure. For example:

------Sample Graphic-------

Figure 1.1: Example of a graphic

And in the text that follows:

As we can see in figure 1.1 there is...

Now if I hover the mouse over 1.1 there is a link pointing to the location of the actual figure. Is there any way to disable the links for figures? Perhaps using "hypersetup" or something...?

Thank you in advance. :-)

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Hi Andreas! Just to offer you a kind invitation: perhaps you could post your question to the TeX dedicated forum – Stefan Aug 18 '10 at 15:24
Thank you Stefan, I just did that. :-) – Andreas K. Aug 18 '10 at 15:44
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It has been solved here on \ref has been redefined to work like \ref* that creates no link.

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