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You're probably a lot to be subscribers to various mailing list, some more updated than others.

  • What are your best practices to follow all information going by these lists?
  • What are the best clients you've used to managed that?

I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to get the best signal out of this noisy way of communication :)

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I like gmail because of the way it groups messages by conversation so I can just page down through a thread.

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Use a rule in GMail to slap a label on and archive all of them. Then they are easily sortable, searchable, and threaded.

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I just use Thunderbird. For some lists, in flat mode, for others (the Lua mailing list), in threaded mode. Following is natural for mailing list, the messages are pushed to your client.

At first, I just received the messages and routed them to the right folder with some rules.

Now, I read them as newsgroups using Gmane, which also allow to catch up history.

Sometime, when a thread has no interest for me, I just right click on the first message and select Mark all messages of this thread as read.

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Using KDE Ia m using Kontact for my mail and RSS feeds. That gives me a nice command center.

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