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I am using Emacs and most shortcuts work normally, but M-Del for deleting a word backwards produces either an error at the bottom of a `scan' error, and at other times moves the cursor a set of lines below. Any ideas why this may be happening? M-Del works fine for deleting forward words. (** from a comment made below it appear that the command is mapped to a down paragraph lisp function instead of delete a word backwards? How can I reset the mappings to the standard one?)


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Need more info. What does C-h k M-DEL tell you? (It should run describe-key on M-DEL). – Trey Jackson Aug 18 '10 at 15:43
it say that it runs the command `down-list' and that it is bound to C-M-down and later that it moves down one level of parentheses. This is strange. Why would the standard command get mapped to this function? Could I have possibly made this change by accident? Or could I have possibly downloaded a different emacs version? Thanks! – Vass Aug 19 '10 at 8:19
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has the answer (by Gilles). It looks like there is a bug on some systems due to an overlap with a shell command shadow translating ESC-x to ESC C-d

it can be seen from running

M-x load-library edmacro M-x edmacro-insert-key M-del

giving ESC C-d

in the folder ~/.emacs.d/ creating a file init.el and inserting

(global-set-key [escape delete] 'backward-kill-word)

this though overrides all uses of ESC from M (meta key) to be translated as escape rendering common M-d, M-w, etc all unseen except for M-del

so the solution is to remap the faulty remapping back to the correct binding.

(global-set-key (kbd "M-C-d") 'backward-kill-word)


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