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I need to setup a file handler to route with multiple sub directories something like tihs;


I tried putting this in the global.asax file;

   new Route("covers/{filepath}/{filename}",
   new ImageRouteHandler()));

I am using the ImageHandler found in this Question, which works great if you have a single sub-directory (ie '/images/15/786936215595.jpg') but fails when you have multiple directories.

I tried setting up a wildcard and that didnt work (ie 'new Route("covers/{filepath}/*/{filename}"')

This is serving images from a large NAS (think something like 3 million images) so its not like I can just move files around.


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Ok after much playing around and google fu I found how to make it work.

Change the route definition like this;

     new Route("images/{*filepath}",
     new ImageRouteHandler()));

Then put this after the default MapRoute. The important part is the "*" before the filepath, tells MVC to send anything following this as part of the filepath RouteData. So in the GetHttpHandler() method I can get the full path by using this;

string fp = requestContext.RouteData.Values["filepath"] as string;


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Thanks, this set me on the righteous path. – Timothy Lee Russell Apr 20 '14 at 5:35

Can't you treat the entire path as one route parameter? Like so:

    new { controller = "Image", action = "Image" }

And then access the entire path in the ActionResult Image(string path) { } action method?

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