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i'm having a bit of a prblem with the jquery click function, below is part of the layout of my code:

<td id="01" class="day-main-diary">
    <div title="sdfsdf" class="diary-event ui-corner-all">
        <span id="delete"></span>
        <div class="diary-event-title ui-corner-all">
        <div class="diary-event-body ui-corner-all">
            <p class="hyphenate">sdfsdf</p>

The title, text in diary-event-title and text in diary-event-body are all dynamically generated and the class 'day-main-diary' has a click function bound to it (the actual code in the js file is:

   // Code is here

i am looking for a way for a click event to be recognised on the span with the id of 'delete', amongst other things i have tried

$('.day-main-diary #delete').click(function(){



however, each time it completely ignores this event and always calls the day-main diary click event.

can anyone help me? i will be eternally greatfull -Matt

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does your span#delete have any dimensions? – Nalum Aug 18 '10 at 15:37

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First, remember that there can only be one #delete ID on the page. If there's more than one, you'll have issues, and should make it a class .delete.

If the #delete element isn't present when the page loads (dynamic) you can use .live(), which will take care of handling the event for you, no matter when you add the element.

$('#delete').live('click', function(){

But note that this will still fire the event on the .day-main-diary as well.

One other option would be to call .delegate() on the .day-main-diary (as long as it is there when the page loads). This is similar to .live() but is more localized.

$('.day-main-diary').delegate('#delete', 'click', function() {

This also will fire the click on the .day-main-diary. Not sure what the expected behavior is.

Yet another option would be to test the of the click in the .day-main-diary click handler. If it is the #delete do one thing, if not, do another.

$('.day-main-diary').click(function( e ) {
    if( === 'delete') {
       // run code for the delete button
    } else {
       // do something else 

Otherwise, still assuming that the #delete is dynamic, you can bind the .click() when you create it.

$('<span id="delete">delete</span>').click(function( e ) {
       // your code
       // uncomment the line below if you don't want the 
       //    click event to fire on .day-main-diary as well
       // e.stopPropagation()
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The edit you made was spot on, using the worked beautifully, thanks :) – Matt Aug 18 '10 at 16:07
@Matt - You're welcome. :o) – user113716 Aug 18 '10 at 16:08

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