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I find myself opening files inside the wrong window in Vim -- sometimes the NERDTree or MiniBuffExplorer -- and it's really throwing me off.

I'm sure it's happening because my cursor is mistakenly focused inside one of these windows, but is there anything I can add to my vimrc to prevent this from happening?

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I have had no luck finding a solution to prevent it, however, you can hit Ctrl+w then q to close the window and reopen it. This works for me with NERDTree and MiniBuffExplorer. That way you don't have to restart vim etc etc. – GWW Aug 19 '10 at 2:37

It's possibly related to the setting of mousefocus. From :help mousefocus

The window that the mouse pointer is on is automatically activated. When changing the window layout or window focus in another way, the mouse pointer is moved to the window with keyboard focus. Off is the default because it makes using the pull down menus a little goofy, as a pointer transit may activate a window unintentionally.

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I finally found the solution to this annoyance in the MiniBufExplorer source commments. It looks like this feature has been available since MBE 6.2.8 (release 2004-06-07):

If you use other explorers like TagList you can (As of 6.2.8) put:

let g:miniBufExplModSelTarget = 1

into your .vimrc in order to force MBE to try to place selected buffers into a window that does not have a nonmodifiable buffer. The upshot of this should be that if you go into MBE and select a buffer, the buffer should not show up in a window that is hosting an explorer.`

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