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This little search example works but only the first time.

How do I clear all the classes from the p elements so when searching the second time, the highlight from the previous search doesn't show?

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            google.load('jquery', '1.4.2');
            google.setOnLoadCallback(function() {
                $('#searchButton').click(function() {

                 //remove all added classes so we can search again
                 //jQuery.each($('p'), function() {
                    //$('#' + this).addClass('');

                 $('p:contains("' + $('#searchText').val() + '")').addClass('highlight');
            p.highlight {
                background-color: orange;
        <input id="searchText" value="second" />
        <button id="searchButton">Search</button>
        <p>This is the first entry.</p>
        <p>This is the second entry.</p>
        <p>This is the third entry.</p>
        <p>This is the fourth entry.</p>
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You can remove the highlight class on all the p then do hightlight again on matched elements.

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If you want to remove ALL classes, you can use removeAttr on class, or set class to "". So...

  // OR

Using "each()" isn't necessary because jQuery will automatically perform these actions on all elements within the collection.

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Use removeClass

$('p').removeClass('highlight') will remove just the highlight class from the previous search $('p').removeClass() will remove all classes from all p's

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Use removeClass() to remove the class, then search again and add the class to the new matches. While I'm at it, I'll use filter() to search the selection of <p> elements that was just made with $('p') instead of doing another $(...) call:

$('#searchButton').click(function() {
        .filter(':contains("' + $('#searchText').val() + '")')
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