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Our Android app loads RSS feeds for news and blog sites and displays the stories in a webview.

Whenever a story has a YouTube video, the video doesn't show up and it doesn't play (the object is there, but it's just whitespace & nothing happens when you tap it)

Surely, since Google owns both Android and YouTube there's simple way to allow YouTube videos to play in a webview within Android Apps?? (They work great in our iPhone app).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Thanks, John

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you can't play them in the webview because android doesn't have flash (well, that isn't entirely true now, but not all devices even support the android version of flash). To play them, the link should launch the youtube player that is on "google powered" devices.

It works on the iOS because the browser "converts" the video to a playable format. android browser does not do that.

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