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I'm still relatively new to Python, so if this is an obvious question, I apologize.

My question is in regard to the urllib2 library, and it's urlopen function. Currently I'm using this to load a large amount of pages from another server (they are all on the same remote host) but the script is killed every now and then by a timeout error (I assume this is from the large requests).

Is there a way to keep the script running after a timeout? I'd like to be able to fetch all of the pages, so I want a script that will keep trying until it gets a page, and then moves on.

On a side note, would keeping the connection open to the server help?

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Next time the error occurs, take note of the error message. The last line will tell you the type of exception. For example, it might be a urllib2.HTTPError. Once you know the type of exception raised, you can catch it in a try...except block. For example:

import urllib2
import time

for url in urls:
    while True:
        except (urllib2.HTTPError, urllib2.URLError) as err:
            # You may want to count how many times you reach here and
            # do something smarter if you fail too many times.
            # If a site is down, pestering it every 10 seconds may not
            # be very fruitful or polite.
            # Success  
            # process contents
            break                # break out of the while loop
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So, if I understand correctly, this will make it "try" until it doesn't return an error? – Parker Aug 18 '10 at 18:05
@Parker: When Python reaches the code in the try block, if a urllib2.HTTPError or urllib2.URLError occurs, Python will go to the except block. If no exception occurs, then Python will go to the else block. – unutbu Aug 18 '10 at 18:09

The missing manual of urllib2 might help you

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