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I develop Sinatra application and use there ActiveRecord for working with database, but I encountered one problem. I wrote a test for a model and it breaks with

SQLite3::CantOpenException: unable to open database file

Connection to database is established in test_helper.rb with the following code:

Dir.chdir('..') do

and ActiveRecord::Base.connected? get false. If I call User.find(:all) for example after connection establishment test will pass and ActiveRecord::Base.connected? will be true. Why? I don't understand.

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As I understand establish_connection does not do real connection. So the question is, when the connection to database is really established? – Dmitry Maksimov Aug 18 '10 at 18:53
Connection is really established after the first call of model method. My problem was in path to database. In configuration file path is relative, test was run from directory, where database file cannot be accessed by relative path. Changing path to absolute in test_helper.rb solved the problem. – Dmitry Maksimov Aug 18 '10 at 19:17

ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection only sets up the connection and ActiveRecord does not actually connect until a connection to the database is requested. The following code may help you force ActiveRecord to establish a connection for the connection-pool:

connected = ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection { |con| }  rescue false

The rescue false hides a couple of potential exceptions (eg. PG::ConnectionBad). Refer to the documentation of :with_connection for more information.

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ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection is delegated to ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionHandler#stablish_connection and if you take a look at its implementation you'll see that it just creates a connection pull

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Make sure and run rake db:create for your test environment. It looks as though the DB does not exist and in SQLite that should be dependent on the directory.

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