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I've been looking for a good open-source tool for creating graphs in PHP, and pChart is looking like a great candidate.

One need I have is to be able to click on certain elements of the graph, like a category label or an individual bar, to drill-down into the data, and display new data and new graphs on a new page.

Is this something that pChart supports? I know that it outputs image files, and I know that, in a pinch, I could try using HTML Image Maps to make parts of the chart clickable, but I'm hoping there's a more automated way.

If pCharts doesn't support this functionality, is there another php charting package you would reccomend that does? It would need to be open-source, and locally hosted (no Google Chart-type API's).


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pChart does not support this directly, last I checked.

However, you can do it with CSS and overlaid elements! One site where you can see an example of this in action is (press the Get Chart button on the top chart for an example, choose 'seller buyers separate' first for a more elaborate example).

Essentially, you can overlay clickable elements over the chart using JavaScript and/or CSS/HTML. I suggest using absolute positioning in your CSS, and creating the elements with JS based on the data used to create the chart.

I do enjoy working with pChart. It's pretty well-written and flexible. I also saw this link here on SO relating to a library for doing something similar in JS :

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