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I have two files: A and B. If I have been working on A and a partner is working on B, I want to merge files A and B. B is already committed. Let's say my partner already made the changes I was working on, so I just want to replace my A file with their B file - no merge needed. How do I resolve the conflict with git?


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Let's say both you and your partner modified the same file, and is committed to each respective repository.

git pull                             # fetch/merge partners changes
# merge fails, conflict
git checkout origin FILE_TO_REPLACE  # replace changes with partners ver
git commit                           # finish merge
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If their is a conflict during a merging operation (merge, cherry-pick, rebase, etc...) you can resolve conflict by picking one side of the changes by doing :

git checkout --ours <path> (this will choose the local changes)


git checkout --theirs <path> (this will choose the remote changes)

then finishing resolving the conflict as usual with:

git add <path>

then commit with:

git commit
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