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I'm looking for books / articles / papers on Javascript engine internals along the lines of the many reference works about the JVM internals, CLR internals, etc. I could (and likely will) look at the source code for JavaScriptCore and V8/Chromium, but if there's a book out there or some other "guided tour" documentation, I'd prefer to read them first. Thanks.

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One of the in-depth documents could be the ECMA-262 Language Specifications.

A good book on the language's idioms and best practices is JavaScript The Good Parts

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I was curious about this too, and here's what I found:

About Chrome's Javascript engine (v8):

About Firefox Javascript Engine (Spidermonkey):

About IE 9+ Javascript Engine (Chakra):

About Safari Javascript engine (SquirrelFish):

General overview:

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Google have documented a lot about V8. There are some interesting videos on the main page ( although you've probably already seen those )

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