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I am part of a small team of developers (5-6) who all work on seperate smallish projects and each know our own projects inside out. Our management want us to learn each others systems so that we can update them should the other members be away on leave etc.

To this end we want to use TFS2010 as we have already go all the licenses that we need to run it and managed to install it with little effort. We can create new projects and set up the build servers. By then assigning day to day updates to one another it will allow us to learn each other systems.

But what we have no experence in is using the Agile aspects and task management of TFS. We understand the basics of Agile development but what I would love to know if anybody could recommend any books or resources that we can get our hands on so that we can learn how to get the most from TFS2010. I have seen plenty of videos and walkthrough of features on Channel 9 but would love to know if there is any printed material that I can get my hands on.

Thanks in advance for you help


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I like this book.

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