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Is there a big difference (in the way of coding, ...) between the direct3d sdk 10 and 11, like "it was" between direct3d 9 and 10 ?

Thank you

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No. Not at all, philosophy and D3D10 concepts stay the same! Most of the difference is that D3D11 introduces some new cool features on top of the D3D10 core:

  • two new shader stages for tesselation purpose
  • compute shader stage for doing GPGPU
  • dynamic shader linkage
  • multithreading (immediate and deferred rendering context)
  • feature levels (for targeting downlevel hardware like D3D10.x and D3D9-class GPUs)
  • byte address and structured buffers
  • new HLSL intrinsics (popcount, bitreversal etc)
  • ...

Check out the DXSDK !

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Thank you for your answer !! that's what I wanted to know. –  Arslan Aug 19 '10 at 9:46

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