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How do you usually convert line breaks in a form textbox or input=text element to html line breaks?


Edit: Is it always \r\n with all browsers?

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How do you get a line break in a text field? Or are you meaning a TextArea? –  BlackMael Dec 9 '08 at 5:15

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Or in C#:

myString.Replace("\r\n", "<br />");

If you're worried about it being different on different platforms, you could also do:

myString.Replace("\r\n", "<br />");
myString.Replace("\n", "<br />");
myString.Replace("\r", "<br />");
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Is it always \r\n with all browsers?

This is handled on the server, it has nothing to do with browser. However I would suggest using:

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Replace(vbcrlf, "<br />")
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Regex.Replace(urString, "\r?\n", "< br/>");
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Depending on the scenario this could also work:

MyString.Replace(Chr(10), "<br/>")
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You will most likely have to escape the back slashes for it to behave the way you are expecting.

MyString.Replace("\\r\\n", "<br />")


MyString.Replace("\\r\\n", Environment.NewLine)
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