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I am a bit new to SVNed code.

We are a small team (4 people) divided into two duos.
Each of the duos has its own disjoint share of the project.
I want to be able to SVN a project to a single repository with the following:

  • each duo, should be able to write to it's own "section" of the rep'.
  • each duo, should be able to read-only the other duo's section.

Can this be done on a single repository?
Are there folder-specific, rather than repository-wide permissions? Is this hosting/repository service dependent? I am currently hosted at XP-Dev.

Would appreciate any kind of comment or reference. David

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Are you sure that you need access control for only 4 people. This sounds like over-engineering to me. –  Rudi Aug 19 '10 at 14:56

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I think your best bet is to use Subversion's path-based authorization. This may be hosting-service dependent - you'll have to ask around at XP-Dev to find out if they support it.

An example would be something along the following lines:

proj1-developers = harry, joe
proj2-developers = frank, sally

@proj1-developers = rw
@proj2-developers = r

@proj1-developers = r
@proj2-developers = rw

This can also be used in conjunction with Apache-based per-directory access control (using the AuthzSVNAccessFile directive) and password-based access (using the AuthUserFile directive pointing at a file created using htpasswd). I'm currently using all three successfully, and also added on optional LDAP authentication. It helps when you have full access to the repository server.

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SOLVED: Many thanks. I will check if Dev-XP support this, but this seems to be the method. It all depends on whether they have a tiny boolean allowing path-based permissions or not. Many many thanks! –  David Aug 20 '10 at 8:19
I've actually found a really good Stack-Overflow post: stackoverflow.com/questions/81361/… In addition, another nice site to look at: startupcto.com/server-tech/subversion/locking-a-branch-in-svn –  David Aug 20 '10 at 15:48

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