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I am trying to use perl's Net::FTPSSL to connect to a host. When I run the script, it hangs and eventually times out on my error logs, but not to the browser. The problem seems to be when creating the new connection. If I use Filezilla to connect, there is a pause/response warning that the host key is unknown. When I 'ok' it in Filezilla, it passes a command "Trust new Hostkey: Once" and send the password and logs in. If this is my problem, how do I send that 'ok'? Here is my code - it hangs on the second line - before even getting to the username/password.

The code I'm using is:

use Net::FTPSSL;
$ftpobj = Net::FTPSSL -> new('host.com', Port => 21) or die "Can't open server.";
$ftpobj -> login("user","pass");
$ftpobj -> get ("file.csv");
$ftpobj -> quit;
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Of course, I still played around with this and changed Encryption from default 'E' to 'I' + added a Croak=>1, which is give better errors and now I get: "Can't open tcp connection!" So, obviously the 'I' (implicit) causes it to fail the connection, which makes me think the 'E' wants to connect. Does this help any more? –  Tom Aug 19 '10 at 11:30

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This might be intentional, but sftp is usually hosted on port 22, and you have port 21.

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Yes, you are right, I left it at port 21 which is in most of the examples found with the pm information. I actually tried 21 and 22 (which is what the host informed me to use). –  Tom Aug 19 '10 at 11:24

SFTP and FTPS are two completely different protocols:

  • FTPS is FTP on top of SSL or TLS
  • SFTP is a protocol for file transfer that runs on top of SSH
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