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I have a Git repository that I want to remove all previous commits from.

Cause I tested to commit junk files, now I want to "start over" with the repository.

Is this possible?

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Just delete the .git directory and 'git init' again to begin anew.

If you had done any configuration in the repo, you can always make a backup of the .git/config before removing the .git.

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+1, this is the whole point of git. See Linus' talk on why he created it. –  Rhino Aug 18 '10 at 23:56

Why not just delete the folder that contains the repository and create a new one?

If you want to save the latest versions of the files, you can just delete the directory .git within the top-level directory of the repository.

If you want to save some other version of the files, check out that version first, then delete .git.

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