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I currently use a MapActivity in my application. I use it with 2 API Keys. One for debugging, and one for "production"

I am fed up with changing these values in the xml layout:

 <view class="" 
        android:apiKey="@string/api_key_prod" />

I am fed up trying to change the apikey each time and replace prod by debug each time.

Is that possible to change this key within the onCreate() of my application.

Imagine that I have a boolean preference that look like: isDebug.

I may check thi preference on my phone and disable it by default on user application. and make something like:

 if (isDebug)

Thank a lot for any help.

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This works for me.

This variant of MapView constructor is documented here:

protected void onCreate(Bundle arg0) {
    String mapApiKey = <your choice logic here>
    mMapView = new MapView(this, mapApiKey);
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You cannot both have the widget in your layout and set the API key in Java.

If you dynamically create the MapView via its constructor, you can supply the API key that way from Java code, but then you will need to dynamically add it to your layout.

That being said, I'd deal with the problem via your build process (e.g., based on debug/production build, copy the right XML file into the right directory).

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that's sad. thanks for the definitive answer. – SteelBytes Sep 13 '12 at 2:52

You have to create google maps object dynamically. Your layout will contaion only parent layout for creating object.

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