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I wonder if there is a direct way to import the contents of a csv file into a record array, much in the way that R's read.table(), read.delim(), and read.csv() family imports data to R's data frame? Or is the best way to use csv.reader() and then apply something like numpy.core.records.fromrecords()?

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You can use Numpy's genfromtxt() method to do so, by setting the delimiter kwarg to a comma.

from numpy import genfromtxt
my_data = genfromtxt('my_file.csv', delimiter=',')

More information on the function can be found at its respective documentation.

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Works great! Thanks –  crippledlambda Aug 20 '10 at 4:01

You can also try recfromcsv() which can guess data types and return a properly formatted record array.

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If you want to maintain ordering / column names in the CSV, you can use the following invocation: numpy.recfromcsv(fname, delimiter=',', filling_values=numpy.nan, case_sensitive=True, deletechars='', replace_space=' ') The key arguments are the last three. –  eacousineau Oct 17 '13 at 14:00

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