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Hi I am having a problem. I have declared a method in my NetManager class with following signatures

-(void) getLiveMatchesListScreen:(AutumnViewController *)dataListener initialSleep:(long)initialSleep {

Where AutumnViewController is my custom UIViewController.

@interface AutumnViewController : UIViewController {

Now I am trying to call this getLiveMatchesListScreen: method from some other class by writing following code

[[NetManager getNetManager] getLiveMatchesListScreen:[[Resources getResources] getLiveMatchesView] initialSleep:0];

Where getLiveMatchesView in Resources class has following signatures and body

- (AutumnViewController*) getLiveMatchesView{
LiveMatchesViewController *liveController = [[LiveMatchesViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"LiveMatchesView" bundle:nil];
self.liveMatchesViewController = liveController;
[liveController release];
return self.liveMatchesViewController;

Where LiveMatchesViewController is a subclass of AutumnViewController.

@interface LiveMatchesViewController : AutumnViewController {

Now when i compile this code, i get following warning from xcode.

warning: passing argument 1 of 'getLiveMatchesListScreen:initialSleep:' from distinct Objective-C types.

Can anyone please help me in this problem? Thanks and Best Regards.

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Check the header declaration of getLiveMatchesView in Resources.h

What return value have you defined there?

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