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I am trying to find the best PHP IDE for me on the Mac, I like Eclipse and Netbeans but I for some reason I can't collapse PHP code, it only collapses the HTML parts, I'm guessing that I am missing an option somewhere? Both Coda and TextMate can collapse php code ok but I need code completion and realtime syntax checking.

Any advice would be very nice.

Thank You.

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Real programmers don't need syntax checking ;) –  jtbandes Aug 19 '10 at 6:23

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Go to 'Window' > 'Preferences' and expand the 'PHP' group. Expand 'Editor' and then click 'Code Folding'. There should be a check box at the top that will let you enable/disable code folding. Inside of your PHP editor you should now see a little icon to the left of the code for folding the block of code.

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Have you installed some PHP editor plugin? Try PHPEclipse it should solve the collapsing issue

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If you're really into eclipse for PHP editing, you should have a look at PHP Developement Tools for Eclipse. It provides syntax highlighting (and checking), code completion and (most importantly for you) folding.

It's unclear from your question if you have it installed. if you do, follow @Aaron's response.

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