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I have vim (version 7.2) performing nice syntax folding with

:set foldmethod=syntax
:let fortran_fold=1

However, I find that the default vim syntax file for Fortran isn't recognizing character functions that include a length attribute.

For example.

CHARACTER FUNCTION function_name folds just fine,


CHARACTER(len=*) FUNCTION function_name does not.

How can I get vim to recognize CHARACTER(len=*) FUNCTION as the start of a fold?

Addition 8/20/10:

Under the encouragement of Idigas, I waded through the mess that is /usr/share/vim/vim72/syntax/fortran.vim

If I understand this right, it looks as through the authors of this file did intend for CHARACTER(len=*) FUNCTION function_name to be folded.

The actual code (regex?) is, I believe line 344:

syn region fortranFunction transparent fold keepend extend start="^\s*\(elemental \|pure \|recursive \)\=\s*\(\(\(real \|integer \|logical \|complex \|double \s*precision \)\s*\((\(\s*kind\s*=\)\=\s*\w\+\s*)\)\=\)\|type\s\+(\s*\w\+\s*) \|character \((\(\s*len\s*=\)\=\s*\d\+\s*)\|(\(\s*kind\s*=\)\=\s*\w\+\s*)\)\=\)\=\s*function\s\+\z(\a\w*\)" skip="^\s*[!#].*$" excludenl end="\<end\s*\($\|function\(\s\+\z1\>\)\=\)" contains=ALLBUT,fortranProgram,fortranModule

Perhaps there is a problem with the regex here? I am finding it hard to decipher as soo many characters appear to be escaped with backslashes. For example, why are equal signs (=) getting escaped?

I think the precise region is:

\|character \((\(\s*len\s*=\)\=\s*\d\+\s*)\|(\(\s*kind\s*=\)\=\s*\w\+\s*)

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Removed the fortran tag, since this is essentially a vim question (could be tagged regex as well, probably, but let's leave it at this for now). For changing how vim highlights or folds something related to a certain language, you would need to change its program files (or add some new in ...) in this case in syntax directory. Unfortunatelly, tis not so simple (look at the files). –  ldigas Aug 19 '10 at 10:08
Yes. The files looked horrific. Such is vim. –  EMiller Aug 19 '10 at 17:42
They actually make sense once you start learning regex, as weird as that may sound :) I started a few times with an idea to make some modifications, but never had the patience to finish them. You really "have to be" in regex to use it - otherwise you forget it in a jiffy. –  ldigas Aug 19 '10 at 23:49
I know Perl regex very well, is that regex shared across applications? –  EMiller Aug 20 '10 at 23:11
well, actully, Vim has a flavour of its own (regex). The differences are not that big, and they're very nicely described in I believe the title is "Mastering Regular ex..." book (it has an owl on the front), apart from Vim's help of course, but if you know regex well, editing those files shouldn't I belive pose much of problem for you. An odd difference here or there but regex is regex. –  ldigas Aug 20 '10 at 23:39

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