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Hi guys an easy one here,

What are some of the better converts out there which work well and what are the drawbacks of doing a conversions if any? Loss of quality/res/anything?

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The link you provided is not a .NET solution, it is related to Java and swing... – VoodooChild Aug 19 '10 at 8:03

see here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3492129

Only drawback, if it is one, is that you need to install ghostscript. Also, once in a while gs can't parse a file that adobe can.

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There are no open source .net libraries that can do that. Either use ghostscript or imagick (.net wrapper) for the conversion. Ghostscript gives you better quality than imagick.

I believe that abcpdf can do that, but it's a commerical component.

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There are many products I found that can do this. Some have a cost while some are free.

I used Black Ice http://www.blackice.com/Printer%20Drivers/Tiff%20Printer%20Drivers.htm. This is afordable at about $40. I didn't buy this one though.

I ended up using a free one called MyMorph.

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