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This is a question for most of the DBA's / Information experts at product level. I need the solution for as many different databases as possible. So please provide the details of the replication methods used. For e.g:

  • Database: Oracle 11i
  • Replication method: Oracle ODI-EE with GoldenGate
  • Pros: Can be integrated with any databases, etc
  • Cons: Cannot be integrated with so and so databases, some other generic problems

Some may have been using Trigger based or Custom PL-SQL based solutions. Please specify the problems you are facing in that scenario.

I am not only looking for CDC solutions, so please don't restrict to any CDC based solutions.

I tried searching for the solution and could not get any consolidated answer, so if this is an existing question, please share the link and feel free to close this.

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ODI-EE = Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition. What is CDC? –  Moeb Aug 19 '10 at 19:53
CDC = Change Database Capture. It is a solution offered by different vendors for db replication. Some of the products like Infosphere CDC gives real time sychronization. –  Daemonthread Aug 20 '10 at 6:40

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