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Possible Duplicate:
How do I use define_method to create class methods?

I am trying to do this:

class Foo
  class << self
    def runtime_method(*methods)
      methods.each do |name|
        define_method "self.#{name}" do |*args|
          "dynamic class method #{name.inspect}"
        self.class_eval do
          define_method name do
            "dynamic instance method #{name.inspect}"

  runtime_method :foo, :bar

puts rescue #=> otherwise, undefined method `foo' for Foo:Class (NoMethodError)
puts #=> dynamic instance method: :foo
puts #=> dynamic instance method: :bar

Is there any way to define dynamic class methods in ruby?

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I'm not sure I understand you exactly, but is this what you mean?

>> class Foo
>> end
=> nil
>> Foo.blah
NoMethodError: undefined method `blah' for Foo:Class
    from (irb):3
?> Foo.class.class_eval do
?>   def blah
>>     puts "hello"
>>   end
>> end
=> nil
>> Foo.blah
=> nil
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nice! that's what i mean :) – Lance Pollard Aug 19 '10 at 20:04

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