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I am using annotation based validation in Struts

Now i want to write a unit-test using jUnit 4 for them but have not got a clue how to do it.

I found several links which worked in Struts 2.1.6 but not in Struts anymore:

Has anyone found a way?


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@TransactionConfiguration(transactionManager = "transactionManager")
public class MyTestCase extends StrutsSpringTestCase {
    protected String getContextLocations() {
        return "classpath*:applicationContext-test.xml";

    public void testMyActionMapping() {
        final ActionMapping mapping = this.getActionMapping("/uriMap");
        Assert.assertEquals("/uriMap", mapping.getNamespace());
        Assert.assertEquals("uriMap", mapping.getName());

        final ActionProxy proxy = this.getActionProxy("/uriMap");

        final MyAction action = MyAction.class.cast(proxy);
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