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I have view, which have layout_width="wrap_content". If i use view.getWidth() in code, it returns 0. :-( How can I convert width of view "wrap_content" to pixels?

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You could try getMeasuredWidth instead. but if it returns 0, that means the View is not ready when you try to measure it. try to make the call later. Like in a thread you poste when onCreate is finished

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it depends when are you calling view.getWidth() .The result will always be 0 if the view is not visible [onCreate , onResume] .

Try to call view.getWidth in

public void onWindowFocusChanged(boolean hasFocus) {
    // call get width here


Hope this will help .

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Button b= (Button) yourView.findViewById(R.id.your_button_id); System.out.println("b.getMeasuredHeight()= "+b.getMeasuredHeight()); System.out.println("b.getMeasuredWidth()+ "+ b.getMeasuredWidth());

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