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I'm just trying to do simple scripting with F#, and Math.PI seems to have 'disappeared'. I've referenced FSharp.PowerPack.dll, but still can't find it.

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Forgetting to import System? – leppie Dec 9 '08 at 7:44
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I hope this IS the right answer... – Benjol Dec 9 '08 at 8:05
In my CTP release it works. – Kalle Dec 9 '08 at 15:10

I'm not sure and can't test it now but have a look at Microsoft.FSharp.Math.

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You know, you could just do this:

let PI = 3.141592653589
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Pending an answer I have, but it's a bit of a bummer to have to do that everywhere. – Benjol Dec 9 '08 at 7:44

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