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When I execute or Launch the .bat file on my HTML link it gives me a Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error: "Could not find the main class:com.cronlo.toptv.installer.finder.InstallerFinder. Program will exit."

I tried to google and I tried everything, I even tried to convert bat to exe hoping that it will work...but no luck...

Please help :-(

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I depends on web browser. Basically you must set proper application to handle selected MIME type. If you use Firefox read this article about MIME types handling.

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Thanx Jethro, I'm using IE and this batch file is in the Intranet server and we are all using IE in the company, but when I click on the link it looks like it's executing and then it gives me that error: "Could not find main class: ....." –  Ndindi Aug 19 '10 at 9:56

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