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i m using imagemagick in my mac os x version 10.6.4 and all cmd is working well in my os . but i want to use imagemagick framework in my iphone project i have added imagemagick framework in my xcode but where can I use command in the xcode project for changing the image ...... if some body can help me thanks in advance!!!!

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You can find ImageMagick compiled for use in iPhone projects here: Latest ImageMagick.

You can't use the command line version on the iPhone though, so you'll want to use the MagickWand API.

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Yeah you can use the commands in iphone project to change the image as you do in the cmd. We can use ConvertImageCommand() of the ImageMagick to acheive this. You can acheive the same results with this C API. Refer this link to know about the usage of the function. ConvertImageCommand Usage

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