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I'm parsing a non-compliant XML file (Sphinx's xmlpipe2 format) and would like LXML parser to ignore the fact that there are unresolved namespace prefixes.

An example of the Sphinx XML:

    <sphinx:field name="subject"/>
    <sphinx:field name="content"/>
    <sphinx:attr name="published" type="timestamp"/>
    <sphinx:attr name="author_id" type="int" bits="16" default="1"/>

I'm aware of passing a parser keyword option to try and recover broken XML, e.g.

parser = etree.XMLParser(recover=True)
tree = etree.parse('sphinxTest.xml', parser)

but the above does not ignore the prefix, it removes it.

I could create a target which adds in the removed prefix e.g.

parser = etree.XMLParser(target = AddPrefix())

where AddPrefix() is a class which adds in the prefix to every attribute tag. Is there a simpler way to do this? Eventually i want to programmatically write Sphinx's xmlpipe2 format cleanly.

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Add xmlns:sphinx="bogus" to the root element.

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