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I place using namespace in a view code behind but i can't call any class of this name space in aspx.

In codebehind:

using MVCTest.Controller;
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try to use in your aspx / ascx file

<%@ import namespace='your namespace' %>

you could also try to import your namespace in the web.config

      <add namespace='you namespace' />
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Add the import statement If you are using the ASP.NET (C#) engine:

<%@ Import Namespace="My.Namespace.Path" %>

<html goes here>


Add the using statement to your view if you are using the Razor engine:

@using My.Namespace.Path

    ViewBag.Title = "My Page";

<html goes here>
</html goes here>
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Did you remember to include the assembly as well? E.g. like this:

// system.web / compilation / assemblies
<add assembly="Microsoft.Web.Mvc"/>
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Suppose this is your .Cs file say

namespace MVCTest.Controller {

public class Utility

   public static void func1()


<%@ import namespace='MVCTest.Controller' %>

Try calling the function by : Utility.func1()

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