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Could I get some confirmations from the community that I'm not going mad, and that the life cycle of a page during post back is in deed in a different order to when the page is initally requested.

If this is the case pointers towards references/articles outlining the order would be greatly appreciated.

(A postback equivalent of the page life cycle image would be great)

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The behaviour is slightly different but the order is the same. In this respect "Postback" is essentially a state flag on the request.


(nice image btw)

edit: thinking about it, perhaps it would be helpful to outline your problem? Mentioning postback makes me think it's about databinding perhaps? The article should be helpful though.

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Thanks, it's pride of place on our wall at work. Comes in handy when .NET does something you didn't expect! –  Adam Naylor Dec 9 '08 at 9:38
The article is actually very helpful! Regarding the problem it's actually very involved so i'll post it if I don't get much feed back. –  Adam Naylor Dec 9 '08 at 9:50

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