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I use jquery pagination plugin, unfortunately it doesn't have method to set current page from outside the object. I've really looked into this object (the function is not long), but as a jquery beginner I can not even find how the event binds (by click obviously). I have no idea how to modify this function so I can call something like: current_page(10) to set current page to 10. I have everything else working for history (using the change hash event), back now loads previous page OK, but visually the paginator doesn't move or change active page of course. I really need a trigget to make this happen.

I would be very happy if someone at least points me to the part of the function where I can modify this...

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The pagination plugin actually does have this built-in, it's just in an unconventional and not-obvious way, the key is this bit:

var panel = jQuery(this);
// Attach control functions to the DOM element 
this.selectPage = function(page_id){ pageSelected(page_id);}

This creates a .selectPage() method on the DOM element the pagination links are in, for example in their demo page you'd call it like this:

$("#Pagination")[0].selectPage(9); //0-based, 9 = page 10

You can give it a try here, the setup is just replicating the demo page, but literally all I've added is the .selectPage() call above. In the interest of full disclose there's also .prevPage() and .nextPage() functions available in the same way, e.g. $("#Pagination")[0].nextPage();

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You are INCREDIBLE! I study his plugin for a week and I wan't able to achieve anything :-( And you tell me now this... WOW! Man you are good... Can you please tell me what is [0] here? I understand the page, but what is 0? I have 5 paginations on my page so I guessed 0 is one of them (the first), but the container ID should define them, shouldn't it? I even tried triggering click from my function but didn't work ;-) Jerry –  Jerry2 Aug 22 '10 at 11:27
@Jerry2 - [0] gets the first DOM element, you could do document.getElementById('Pagination').selectPage(9) for example. The important thing is this isn't a jQuery method, but a property/method on the DOM element the pagination was created on. If you had a link to your page, I could show you the right syntax. –  Nick Craver Aug 22 '10 at 11:33
Wierd, it is not working to me. I have to use [0] as other values say undefined. Maybe 5 paginatiors on a page is a problem. I use the hashchange plugin to detect change of a hash and in case it is changed I'd like to set a new page (maybe browser back is pressed). Seems the setpage function also triggers callback for the paginator, and that I don't want. All I am trying to do is a history support for paginator :-8 –  Jerry2 Aug 22 '10 at 11:37
Is there a way to send you the private message with a link in Stack overflow? –  Jerry2 Aug 22 '10 at 11:39
@Jerry2 - The callback is how it refreshes the item list to be the correct items shown...I'm curious as to why you wouldn't want this? It seems that'd make the page links not match the displayed content. The 5 paginators shouldn't be a problem, do they have unique IDs, or all the same class? –  Nick Craver Aug 22 '10 at 11:39

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