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I am stuck trying to construct a JPQL query and was hoping someone with more JPA experience than mine could help. Consider the following two entities:

class Author{
  String name
  Set<Book> books

class Book{
  String title  
  Boolean inPrint
  Author author

If I want to return a specific Author (by name) and eagerly fetch (ie LEFT JOIN FETCH) the books where the Book.inPrint flag is true, how would I express that in JPQL?

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SELECT a FROM Author a LEFT JOIN a.books b WHERE b.inPrint = true OR b is null
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This will return the correct list of authors, but for the authors that match, all books will be retrieved, also those with inPrint = false. Hibernate would execute the join fetch variant of this query happily, but it's a violation of the JPQL-spec. Sometimes it's enough to turn the query around : select b from Book b left join a.author a where ... that way you only get what you want, but authors with more than one matching book will be duplicated. –  Jon Martin Solaas Jan 2 '12 at 19:35

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