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I have a textbox inside a Expasnders contentemplate that I'm trying to bind to from outside the expander, but it's not really possible, I have another textbox inside the expander looking like this:

and an exact duplicate of this markup outside the expander, The textbox inside the expander updates it's text proeprty when txtTitle is changed, the one outside doesn't so how do I get bind to txtTitle from outside the expander??

I will try to illustrate it with some sample xaml (sounds fun pronounced).

<TextBox Text="{Binding ElementName=ExpandertxtBox, Path=Text}" />

<TextBox Name="ExpandertxtBox" />

The problem is that the binding wont work because ExpandertxtBox is inside a contentemplate, and I'm trying to bind from outside, so how can I access it, what is the correct bindingpath?

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I Ended up creating this method to handle my problem

private void SetFilterBinding(object ctrl, object value, FilterOperator fo, string ctrlproperty, string dbproperty)
    var fd = new FilterDescriptor(dbproperty, fo, value);
    BindingOperations.SetBinding(fd, FilterDescriptor.ValueProperty, new Binding{ Path = new PropertyPath(ctrlproperty), Source = ctrl});
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