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I have the url that i retrieve for an item and for each record i need to create an iframe to house them


how do i do this and whats the syntax for creating an iframe and does this iframe size to the url size.

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<iframe name="myIframe" width="800" height="600" src="page.htm">

and then if you want to load pages in iframe, just do this:

<a href="" target="myIframe">Load Google</a>
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This is really easy, if I understand your question right.

<iframe src="(your long URL)" width="300" height="100"> </iframe>

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Check out this resource:

The IFrame will not automatically size to the URL. You can set the height and width attributes though.

You'll probably want something like this:

    <iframe src =" 
" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto">
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