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I want to be able to specify the location in both where to scan and where the converted file will go.

It's just there is a lot of conversions and I've got a script which should sort it for me. Currently I've tried

convert -resize 300x300 >  /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/normal/*.jpg /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/tn_med/$1.jpg


for i in $( ls /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/normal); do  /usr/convert resize 360x360 > /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/normal/$i  /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/tn_med/$i done;
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Have you tried looking into the linux find command? Specifically the -exec option? –  ircmaxell Aug 19 '10 at 14:36

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There's no reason to repeat your long directory three times. Use a variable for the base. And don't use ls:

for file in "$base/normal/*"
    convert -resize 360x360 "$file" "$base/tn_med/$(basename $file)"

Instead of basename you could do it this way:

    convert -resize 360x360 "$file" "$base/tn_med/${file##*/}"
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Thanks to both of you for your help. I hope they work through php exec command - but they should.. Thank for the comment about odd chars - there shouldn't be but that's always the case. –  Richard Housham Aug 23 '10 at 9:21
for i in $( ls /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/normal); do
    convert -resize 360x360 /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/normal/$i  /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/tn_med/$i;

got it!

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This won't handle filenames containing spaces. –  Kaleb Pederson Aug 19 '10 at 15:01

As comments suggested, you can use the find command:

cd /media/usbdisk1/development/ephoto/richard/images/gallery/2007/29/normal
find . -iname '*.jpg' -print0 | xargs -I{} -0 -r convert -resize 300x300 {} $outdir/{}

By using -print0 and xarg's -0 option, this also handles filenames with spaces and other odd characters.

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