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Cannot access static resources Asp.Net Mvc 2 on IIS 7. when configured a Virtual Host.

I've set the following:

  1. In hosts.etc I've written the following " localhost blueprint"
  2. I've create in IIS 7 set the directory root to where the MVC 2 application is located and set the domain host name to blueprint over http and port 80.

I can open the site normally by going to http://blueprint , all MVC 2 functionalities work fine.

But the CSS won't load, everytime the system returns the error 404 status for a resource not found.

The css file is located in here /Views/Shared/screen.css .

I've tried the following to get a proper path:

Url.Content("~/Views/Shared/screen.css") Url.Content("/Views/Shared/screen.css") Url.Content("Views/Shared/screen.css")

Or just "~/Views/Shared/screen.css" "/Views/Shared/screen.css" "Views/Shared/screen.css"



The css file is requested from a master page located in the same directory as the screen.css file , Views/Shared/master.master .

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Can you post the actual code you have in your view to render the css tag. Also, just a hunch but try putting it outside the views directory... put it in a root styles directory or something. – Charlino Aug 19 '10 at 16:24
Is there a reason why are you not placing it in the Content folder where styles and images go by default? – Tommy Aug 20 '10 at 0:58
Ignorance, I guess. I've just started learning mvc 2 and don't know all the ropes yet. Will try your suggestions and report on the success soon. – Nikola Stjelja Aug 20 '10 at 11:31

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I just ran into this not 5 minutes ago. I fixed it by going into "Turn Windows Features On or off" in the control panel then "Internet Information Services" "World Wide Web Services" and make sure "Static Content" is checked.

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