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I am rsync'ing a a folder from one host to another. I am then zipping the mirrored folder so that it can be transferred to tape.

Now, when I zip the folder (bearing in mind that the folder is ~300GB) using the below script it keeps the files which have been deleted from the directory that I am zipping.

zip -ru /home/rsync/ /home/rsync/www/

This is because I'm using the -u (update) flag, which won't remove missing files from the archive.

In rsync I use the flag --delete, which removes files which no longer exist on the remote server. Is there a similar way of doing this with a zip archive?

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I don't know of any option to do that. Here is a simple script you could use as a basis for something more robust:

unzip -lqq archive | cut -c 31- |
while read -r line
do if [[ ! -f $line ]]
      zip -d archive "$line"

Here's a one-liner version:

unzip -lqq archive | cut -c 31- | while read -r line; do if [[ ! -f $line ]]; then zip -d archive "$line"; fi; done
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