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I have a batch file that runs a richcopy program, I am wanting to monitor the errorlevel so far i have got this

IF (%ERRORLEVEL% == 0) goto OK else IF (%ERRORLEVEL% == 3010) goto Report



What I am wanting to do is to report the error to the event viewer so that it can be monitored via another application that monitors the event logs.

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You can use EVENTCREATE to write to the event log.

An example would be:

EVENTCREATE /T ERROR /L APPLICATION /ID 100 /D "This is your error message."

More information can be found at the TechNet article.


In your case, try this. Your parenthesis and use of == may be throwing things off.


IF %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 3010 goto OK    

EVENTCREATE /T ERROR /L APPLICATION /ID 100 /D "This is your error message." 



This way, if the error level isn't 3010, it always skips to the OK method, in case you get something other than 0 or 3010.

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Thats great but it reports every time to the event viewer even on success? –  andy Aug 19 '10 at 15:54
Revised my answer based on the event always firing –  LittleBobbyTables Aug 19 '10 at 16:12
It is helpful to include the /so option, to indicate a source (other than System). Otherwise the formatting of the message will fail. –  Matthew Lundberg Jan 10 '13 at 21:58

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