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I'm running a PHP Script that updates a table from a Oracle DB. First I receive an object with JSON:


That with no problems since I've been using JSON in other projects.

Then I create the query after parsing the results to the $rmrid object:

$db_query = "update ao_lots 
                 set RMRID='".$rmrid->requestor."-".$rmrid->id."' 
               where ALOT_NUMBER='".$rmrid->lot."';";

If I echo the query I get this:

update ao_lots 
   set RMRID='B10078-FRESHLOT' 
 where ALOT_NUMBER='KLMHA17N9N00';

I don't see any problems here but when I execute the query I get this warning and nothing is updated:

WARNING: oci_execute() [function.oci-execute]: ORA-00911: invalid character

I did some search on that error code but I couldn't fix it with the info I found

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Pls update the question with the output from DESCRIBE AO_LOTS –  OMG Ponies Aug 19 '10 at 16:29
It would also help if you could try to run the sql that you've generated from SQL*Plus and see if you have the same error. You can roll back the update if there is no statement error. –  dpbradley Aug 19 '10 at 17:00
I ran the statement on SQL*Plus and it runs with no problems, I've been doing it this way long ago but I want to automate the process now –  Curro Aug 20 '10 at 0:56

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The semi-colon isn't needed at the end of the SQL statement.

It is used by SQL*Plus and most other tools to indicate "I've finished writing the statement, now go execute it"

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This solved the problem, I thought that I had tried this, thanks! –  Curro Aug 20 '10 at 1:18

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