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I had been steering away from C# for a while, because it was "just a Windows thing", and it fell out of my current needs. However It's been gaining popularity and now with Mono catching up, it's becoming more attractive but I was wondering what IDE are people using to Code C#(with Mono) on *nix platforms.

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I think MonoDevelop is the most popular.

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I really like Monodevelop, especially the recent releases. –  sgwill Dec 9 '08 at 13:22

I'm using Textmate on Mac OS X, it's the uber most awesomest editor on any platform, but it's not an IDE.

On X11 based systems i think i preferred Kate if i recall correctly.

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I'm on a Mac at home so that's actually good to know! Unfortunately at work don't have a Mac :( –  Robert Gould Dec 9 '08 at 11:13
I've never tried Kate, but now that it has vi key bindings it might be worth a try. :) –  Claes Mogren Dec 9 '08 at 11:25
TextMate doesn't have a C# bundle, does it? I borrowed the C# bundle from the E editor and installed it on TextMate, but I've not really used it yet. –  Sol Jan 6 '09 at 17:48

As Mono For Linux Developers shows, there are at least 3 Eclispe plugins for C#.

Black Sun: http://black-sun.sourceforge.net/

Emonic Plugin: http://emonic.sourceforge.net/

C# Plugin from Improve Technologies: http://www.improve-technologies.com/alpha/esharp/

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Any Favorite among those? –  Robert Gould Dec 9 '08 at 11:23

I have been very unhappy with the editors (compared to VS.net), but I think under windows it's possible to develop .net with VS and then also test it against mono, to check if it works on both platforms.

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Strange, no one has mentioned Emacs yet. Emacs C# mode

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I use Vim for all my *nix stuff. There's even a Vim plugin for VS (ViEmu) so you can use your Vim tricks from within the IDE as well.

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XDevelop by Omnicore is another good alternative. It has some nice advanced features, it's multiplatform and it has a good Mono support.

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I have used SlickEdit for years on both Windows and Linux and like it very much. It has good Emacs keybindings and runs well on both platforms.

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