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I am using ABCpdf, and simply cannot obtain the title or author of a document programmatically. Cannot seem to find any good examples on WebSupergoo's site! Must be a simple issue.

Doc d = new Doc();
var y = d.GetInfo(d.Root, "/Title:Text");
var x = d.GetInfo(d.Root, "/publicfilePath:Text");
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OK very very simple in the end.

This is how I am adding the information

            int theID = doc.AddObject("<< >>");
            doc.SetInfo(-1, "/Info:Ref", theID.ToString());

            publicPath = base.GetPublicSavePath(FilePrefix);
            doc.SetInfo(theID, "/Title:Text", "here is where the title goes");
            doc.SetInfo(theID, "/Author:Text", "WebSupergoo");
            doc.SetInfo(theID, "/publicfilePath:Text", publicPath);


This is how I need to obtain it

        var a = d.GetInfo(-1, "/Info/publicfilePath");
        var b = d.GetInfo(-1, "/Info/Title");
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Fantastic ! Exactly what I was looking for ! –  Chaitanya Sep 29 '10 at 7:14

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